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Sunlight Premier

Motor insurance is required by law for all vehicles especially for taxi as it is intend to carry passengers on a constant basis. There are two types of insurance, first-party insurance and third-party insurance.

For first party insurance, the insured party (the first party) is paid by the insurance company (the second party) in the event of an accident caused by itself or another party (the third party).

For third party insurance, the insured party (the first party) is protected by the insurance company (the second party) against claims of the third party. The first party is responsible for its own damages.

Sunlight Premier is one of Malaysia's biggest taxi insurance specialists in agency with Kurnia Insurance and Multi-Purpose Insurance providing comprehensive services and the best practices in insurance for both first-party and third-party insurance covering both taxis and private vehicles.

Whether it is insurance for new taxis, new vehicles or renewal of such insurances, we are ready to serve you!

Benefits of Sunlight Premier:

  • Proven track records of providing insurance for new taxis and private vehicles.
  • One-stop hassle free service center.
  • Comprehensive coverage, both first and third party insurance.
  • Easy renewing or vehicle insurance.

Our customers choose us because we offer superior services and better prices at their convenience.