Driver Policy - Driver Cancellation

Reference: Unicablink/Driver/201409001

Subject: Policy on Driver Cancellation

Effective Date: 15/10/2014


With effect from 1510/2014 onward, all drivers are reminded to take note on the following:

Drivers who initiated the following from their BDT/Smart Phone Driver Application:

  1. Driver Cancel – Immediate Job 3 hours suspension, Advance Job 12 hours suspension – system will automatically suspense the driver from 3 hours to 12hours, regardless of whatsoever reason.
  1. Driver Cancel (Driver press Passenger Cancel) – Immediate & Advance Job 12 hours suspension - call center will verify with the passengers, if it was found out that passengers do not cancel, the system will automatically suspense the driver up to 12hrs
  1. Driver who call the passengers directly (to cancel or can not get through are advised to inform the call center at Unicablink Driver Support via Skype so as to avoid misunderstanding and confusion.
  1. Once suspended, call center reserve the right to cancel and reassign all advance jobs, if not yet completed by the drivers.
  2. Top 10 cancellation driver of the month will be suspended for 3 months / rejected to use Unicablink services until further notices.  

The purpose of the policy is to ensure driver taking responsibility and care in bidding job.  Many irresponsible drivers have bid and cancelled job for all kind of reasons! This has results in many customer complaints and confusion!  To avoid the situation from going worse, Unicablink call center seeks all drivers to cooperate with the center to observe  the  rule so as to provide quality services to our customers!

For any feedbacks, please write to | skype: unicablinkdriverservice